Welcome to GetLifeBytes! My name is Anshul and I help people to take control of their life.

You may wonder what that means. Here’s a short story to explain better.

Alisha is in her mid-thirties and a new mom. After a maternity break, she’s eager to go back to work. She has earlier worked in a management role, though she wants to start her career from scratch in medical field now, as everyone in her family is a doctor of some kind and they put more emphasis on the medical profession than any other, looking at other professions in not so positive light.

Do you think Alisha is in control of her life to decide her career path?

No, she isn’t. She is in a destructive comparison trap. By comparing her to her family and setting success benchmarks looking at just a handful people around her, she is setting herself up for frustration. Her life in terms of her career is in control of her family members.

I worked with Alisha to help her realize her problem area and to implement solutions so she has full control of her life.

At GetLifeBytes, I help my clients realize the problem area of their life, and work with them on implementing solutions so they have full control of their life.

My clientele comprises of individuals who would like to be completely in-charge of their life. They come from all walks of life- corporate professionals, homemakers, self-employed personnel, students.

Here are their top characteristics:

People who feel their life is not really their own. They find themselves manipulated by their supervisors, friends and family.
People who have to look to their fellow mates to make their choices. People who are influenced by others.
Individuals who find themselves quietly going along with their peers.
Executives who take their job responsibilities more seriously than anything, and find themselves not enjoying the life
If you also find these characteristics in you, then let me help you. Email me your number and problem brief on getlifebytes@gmail.com and we will talk.