Kill creativity in your children: Take away their uniqueness

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The best way to kill creativity is to discourage someone from being the unique person he is. A person can’t be creative when he lacks a unique perspective and does things as he is told.

Here is the best way to kill creativity:

1. Start from childhood. Teach a 6-yr old to be like others.

  • Compare them to others.
  • Motivate them to behave like others.
  • Influence them to fit in.

If you get a kid to act like others, he is left with nothing unique to offer. And that’s how you kill creativity.

2. Demotivate an 8-yr old from asking questions.

  • Don’t pay heed to their ‘why’ questions.
  • Ignore them.
  • Preferably, snub at them.

In a short time, they’ll stop asking questions as their inquisitiveness dies. And so will their creativity.

3. Discourage the creative endeavors of a 12-yr old.


Have this attitude: “I’m not going to let my kid waste time in creating pottery vase or any of that nonsensical stuff which can’t fetch him a job.” This attitude is certain to keep their creativity at bay.

4. As they grow, discourage independent thinking. Raise a 16-yr old with a sense of dependency.

  • Show them that their opinions aren’t valued enough.
  • Manifest that doing things differently will be frowned upon.
  • This will make them non-confident in them opinions and they won’t dare to do things differently.

Creativity goes out of the window.

5. As adults, teach them to avoid risks.

  • Bar them from going into uncharted waters.
  • Instill in them the fear of unknown. So they always end up with traditional practices.
  • Kill their creativity by not letting them try new things.

Let them be a mule in the pack.


Make yourself heard

Was your creativity crushed due to similar choices by your parents? Are you unknowingly following the same path to kill your child’s curiosity? Let me know in the comments so I can help.