Things Indians are collectively doing wrong (1/60)

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Wanting a safe, secure life for children.

  1. Indian parents want their children to pursue less risky career options. They want their children to stay away from trying out a new career field other than what they have always known.

  2. They want their children to stay with the majority. They want them to think like everyone else, be like everyone else, do what everyone else is doing. Being part of the herd feels safe.

  3. They want their children to take the road travelled often. A road less travelled is filled with uncertainty, and maybe failure. These words definitely don’t feel like synonyms of safe.

  4. They want their children to keep their creative aspirations in check. Being too adventurous and letting their creativity run wild is too risky. If they think too creatively, they will stick out of the herd, and sticking out of herd means exposure to danger.

  5. They want their children to get a good job, accumulate a lot of ‘stuff,’ savings in a bank account and have a secure position in life.

Teaching a child to run after security develops a child who is always running after security, because he feels insecure inside.

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