Things Indians are collectively doing wrong (7/60)

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Things Indians are doing wrong
Things Indians are doing wrong

Not accepting children as ‘complete’ human beings


1. Treating children as ‘incomplete’ people is fairly common in our society. Children are treated as people who are yet to grow up to become ‘complete.’

2. Childhood is viewed as a time which is spent in the preparation of adulthood.

3. Parents believe that kids are too ‘small’ to understand everything, and as they become ‘big,’ things will become visible to them on their own.

4. What these parents fail to acknowledge is that children are ‘complete’ human beings, who are growing each day. And each of us is growing. Psychologically as well as physically. Our bodies also create new cells and let the old ones die everyday. Just because our physical growth is not as evident as children’s, doesn’t mean that they are not yet ‘complete.’

5. When children ask something, explain them the reality in plain, simple terms. That’s what I do with my 4-year old. When he was two and a half, he found a sanitary pad. He asked me about it. I told him that it is used by adult girls. When they grow up, they have something called periods, when they use it. He asked me where is it put? I told him that it’s put where he used to put his diapers. He smiled.

Compare it with the face of a child, who was treated as if he had asked something extremely wrong.

Children are whole. They are complete human beings. There is as much as to learn from them as we teach them. Why can’t we learn from their curiosity? Why can’t we learn from their fresh perspective? Why can’t we look at life in awe? Why can’t we seek joy in little things?